Circle Park Square is a dynamic platform, with an embedded directory for local sustainable businesses, music art performance, education / cultural institutions, health & well-being services.

Developed as a virtual resource playground, CPS will be an epicenter of connectivity to positive community activities for kids and the influential adults in their world.

Nurturing a global vision that aligns and connects technology to hands on creative teams. – combining forces to enhance community sustaining initiatives. Developing a loop of commerce by the community being included in building content. Bringing in experts and mentors in various fields to raise the bar for marketable income through the arts.

Circle Park Square develops creative solutions by bringing in experts and mentors in various fields to raise the bar for marketable income through the arts. A community building content strategy and initiative for local services entertainment and product.

CPS serves each area as a hub whose mission is coordinate partnerships and collaborations that contribute to the betterment of the human experience – from street to corporate level.

The message is:   It is doable, you can do it; we can do it; They can do it – Here’s how

The first phase of community building content

By remapping the Philadelphia region into visually color-coded map of resource categories, this simplifies access to your neighborhood’s services, businesses, individual work force and activities.Within the visual calming graph of the 12 main areas of Philadelphia,There is clear access to services and activities for different age groups and demographics.

Through designated areas in local parks, open lots and mural boards throughout the city.

Creating a networked platform to breathe, observe, decompress and invite the exchange the relearning and wisdom of our varied traditions and cultures balancing a blend of technology to support natural resources within ourselves and our environment

Empowering already established groups advancing the fields of sustainable business, agriculture and human resources CPS becomes an entertainment network promoting branding and marketing, infusing these projects with local artists and entertainers with outside mentors to create a commerce profit loop within their region.

Networking institutions, humanitarian services, the creative arts, and schools to develop content with local stories and characters for regional marketable products.

Developed by a veteran artist Abba Roland, CPS evolved over 20 years from her experience and work in the entertainment industry, sustainably building healing arts and raising a family.

After being steeped in the workings and philosophy of the Disneyland / Hollywood production models Abba was inspired to incorporate the streamlined collaborative tenet of the entertainment industry with compassionate inclusiveness and environmental stewardship.

Bringing in mentors to create a similar model to promote and raise the possibilities of the disenfranchised population in the poorest parts of our cities and offering members of all communities who are inspired to take action for change; a platform to utilize life’s struggle into marketable profit (and marketable change).

Circle park square is a brand that’s shared of a new socioeconomic entertainment platform geared at bringing royalties and revenue into city neighborhoods by developing media content from the community.

With the linking of experienced professionals, mentors, schools and cultural institutions to the communities and people who have limited accessibility to resources limited access to key players that can improve their communities and lives 

Linking experienced professionals, mentors, schools and cultural institutions to people who have skills and talents but limited access to resources and key players that could improve their communities and lives.


Water                                         Fire                                      Nature                                     Mineral                          

Learn more about Circle Park Square’s creator, Abba Roland