Abba Roland: a culturalist…for socio environmental awareness

Abba Roland has written and composed original music poetry and art since her early childhood.

She spent her teenage years working as a street musician and performance artist while studying dance, art and music in New York City at Alvin Ailey Studios and The Art Students League.

Traveling to Europe to study art at Parsons School of Design in Paris, Abba worked as a model and performer in the local music clubs, eventually returning to New York to pursue work in Off Broadway and Improvisational Theatre.

A regular in the New York and L.A. music scene, she has collaborated with an inspiring pallet of artists composing in multiple genres for network TV and feature films (credits available upon request).

Her writing style has been described as avant-garde musical theatre to commercial power pop with a funky blues edge.

Touring with her band, “Abba Rage” to promote two independently produced albums she has shared the stage with Sia, Coldplay, The Roots, George Clinton, Bonnie Raitt and many other well-known and not so well known but brutally talented acts. Abba has always included the local community artists in her projects as part of her writing team or opening for her shows

Abba Roland has worked extensively in the entertainment field as an independent performer and artist as well as the owner of her company Lucky Moon Productions overseeing music and management of local artists

In the summer of 2005, after researching and studying the application of renewable energies, zero waste and sustainable building, Abba launched the development of a documentary TV series to teach inner city youth the science and construction of off the grid housing.

Needing to rebuild her family home that was destroyed in upstate New York, Abba invested in an Enertia Homes Geo Thermal house kit to build educate and exemplify sustainable living.

In concert with the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority and a DYI network TV company, she began production on the first in a series of eco conscious entertainment programming.

In 2015 Abba moved to Philadelphia to focus on raising her teenage twins, establishing a nurturing environment to support her family and develop her community-based network

And the development of the project Circle Park Square.

Circle Park Square’s platform is her shared vision focused on bringing skilled mentors in the creative fields of performance entertainment and fashion to promote the local economy.

By teaching all demographics of creatives in the community to develop story and show content, as well as marketable products and services with businesses on the neighborhood level.


Learn more about Abba’s project, Circle Park Square